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DuraCast® Columns

While timeless beauty and elegance come standard with all Dixie Pacific® Columns, for extreme durability, minimal maintenance, and designs for both interior and exterior applications, DuraCast® Fiberglass Columns are exactly what you've been looking for. Choose from the following styles to complement any design: round tapered, round non-tapered, round fluted, no-taper square, Roughsawn or square tapered.

DuraCast® Columns are designed for all types of decorative and load-bearing installations. They are manufactured from highly advanced fiberglass reinforced polymers (FRP), which makes them very durable — all components resist insects, weather and decay and come with a limited lifetime warranty. With architecturally correct proportions and projections, DuraCast® Columns are available in a range of styles to fit any project. Each must pass quality control inspections before it is shipped — ensuring that each represents the unmistakable Dixie craftsmanship.

DuraCast® Product Information
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Decorative Capitals for DuraCast® Columns
Angular Greek Ionic Decorative Roman Doric Empire Empire with Necking
Greek Erectheum Greek Erectheum with Necking Modern Composite Roman Corinthian
Roman Ionic Scamozzi Temple of Winds