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DuraSnap™ Column Wrap

DuraSnap™ Column wnap is a patented system for creating long-lasting, maintenance-free columns in minutes. Combining the benefits of cellular PVC with the ease of installation of our invention, DuraSnap™ Column Wrap consists of four pre-mitered panels, a temporary tape on the corners and a snap-lock. DuraSnap™ combines style and elegance with ease of installation and cost effectiveness. DuraSnap™ Column Wrap is designed for either the professional installer or the Do-It-Yourselfers and can be used on either new construction or remodeling projects.


DuraSnap™ Column Wrap System Brochure
DuraSnap™ Column Wrap System FAQ


Apply Glue to joints.
Place the DuraSnap™ Column Wrap around the post/column.
Snap into place. Allow glue to cure overnight and then remove tape.

Features and Benefits

  • DuraSnap™ transforms a treated post into a finished column in minutes.
  • Easy installation. Our patented snap-lock design permits installation by 1 person. (U.S. patent #799704; CA patent #2503195).
  • No external fasteners required; vinyl adhesive sold separately.
  • Twenty-five Year Warranty
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